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CHIN DEEP. Behind the shot.

Last winter I moved to Jackson Hole to pursue the dream of skiing the gnarliest terrain in the lower 48. And then the lower 48 had nearly the worst winter in history and it didn’t snow for more or less 60 days straight, while Alaska was getting puked on. I became restless (perhaps manic is a better word) and did what any good ski bum would do: quit my job, left my relationship, sold what I could and went on a quest to find the magic white stuff. This quest led me to the holy land of big mountain skiing: Alaska.

My first day in Alaska I earned a new nickname: Captain Over Froth or Frother for short. I may of gotten slightly over zealous, woken up at 5:30 in the morning, drank too many cups of coffee and then passed out from excitement before I loaded first tram. I’m not typically a fainter but I guess years of porning out on pro skiers charging AK left me a little premature on the go. It happens. I quickly came to, loaded the tram and twitched with nervous excitement the whole ride up. 

I’m not even going to try to properly explain what took place over the next few hours. All I have to say is: Steep. Deep. Wow. Mind Blowing. Alaska. OOOOHHHH MYYYY GOD!

Photographer Simon Evans and I had agreed to “easy style” it the day before. Easy styling can translate in to many different facets of tackling life. On this particular day it just meant that we were going to go shred all the pow on the mountain and enjoy our proverbial vacation that is life and then “work” later. The beauty of easy styling is that often the universe presents you with magical gifts when you go with the flow. Like the gift of: Ski Patrollers dropping the rope line at 3:30 pm to untouched pow. That untouched pow happening to be some of the lightest and deepest I’ve ever skied in my life. Then a few magic rays of sunshine peeking out from the clouds. Add all of these gifts together and what do you get? One very happy ski bum girl living in a dream: buried, chin deep and choked by the most beautiful white stuff in the world in Alaska. And as if simply living in that moment wasn’t good enough, Powder Magazine (The Good Bible of Skiing) has made it that much sweeter with a two pager in the October issue. Stoked. Blessed. Grateful. Frothing.

Thanks to the sponsors that make it happen. Surface Skis. Trew Gear. Smith Optics. Pocket Fuel Naturals. Alyeska Resort…

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