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When you arise in the morning, give thanks for the morning light, for your life and strength. Give thanks for your food and the joy of living. If you see no reason for giving thanks, the fault lies with yourself.


Having a super sick first day in #barcelona on my #skate_cation. 😜 (at arc de triomf)

Having a super sick first day in #barcelona on my #skate_cation. 😜 (at arc de triomf)

No one’s life should be rooted in fear. We are born for wonder, for joy, for hope, for love, to marvel at the mystery of existence, to be ravished by the beauty of the world, to seek truth and meaning, to acquire wisdom, and by our treatment of others to brighten the corner where we are.

Live the life you’ve imagined. Photo Cred: Ant Strack

Live the life you’ve imagined. Photo Cred: Ant Strack

Wow. How did I get here?! @volklskis @spyderantidote #grateful (at Swiss Alps)

Having a moment with this beautiful creature. @cusheus 📷 @antstrack #chile #horsewhispering  (at La Parva, Chile)

Having a moment with this beautiful creature. @cusheus 📷 @antstrack #chile #horsewhispering (at La Parva, Chile)

the-coat-is-always-on asked: Hey Sierra, any tips you could give to people who want to travel on a budget?

Head to inexpensive countries, give up alcohol, make friends, sleep in a tent, hitch hike and eat rice and beans! Some of my best travel missions have been on $12 a day. xox Sierra

saltyseablonde asked: You are so cool and such an inspiration! What was your high school life like, where you on a ski team or did you just ski when you had time? Also how did you get into modeling was it always something you liked doing? :)

Thanks beauty! I was on the Park City Ski Team and the Snowbird Ski Team. Sometimes my family had a hard time affording the team for my 3 brothers and I so my Dad got his USSA coaching card and coached us. “Team Quitiquit” was a blast, we traveled around skiing everyday! I got in to modeling when I was 21 and made it on to America’s Next Top Model. I’ve always been a ski bum and never imagined I would have a career in modeling but life is full of amazing surprises. Lots of love, Sierra

lizcolville asked: Sierra! You are so inspiring! I wondered...what rollerblades do you recommend getting? <3

The ones at the thrift store that will take you on adventures! xox

Another gorgeous day shooting @levis in the sunshine. Thanks @liebervision @defyproducts #howdidiget_here #grateful  (at Center for kids who dont read good)

Another gorgeous day shooting @levis in the sunshine. Thanks @liebervision @defyproducts #howdidiget_here #grateful (at Center for kids who dont read good)

Found my party people. @levis #venice #equipped #leviszine

Believe in yourself. Strength = Beauty

Believe in yourself. Strength = Beauty

A year in retrospect


24 things I’ve learned, accomplished and have to be grateful for in the last year of life. 

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. From the gym to to emails and all the early mornings, I’ve learned a whole new devotion to work ethic and it feels good.

Skied and filmed with Warren Miller’s Ticket to Ride in Iceland. One of the most incredible life experiences I’ve ever had. Growing up watching Warren Miller films as a little girl and having the opportunity to ski in one has truly been a dream come true.

Became a Climate Reality Ambassador. #IAMPROSNOW

Blew out my shoulder (torn labrum, deep bone bruise, torn supraspinatus) in the beginning of the season, opted out of surgery and worked through a major injury the entire season. Through this I learned the repercussions of ignoring the body, pushing too hard, reinjury and a lot of pain. I think unfortunately sometimes you have to push too far to learn where your honest boundary lives. 

Best purchase of the year: a tie between my vitamix (#sierra4kalesmoothies) and finally renting a place of my own (no more living out of my car or crashing with my brothers ahhhh sanctuary!)

Published in Outside Magazine, Ski & Skiing Magazine and GQ.

Met one of my childhood heroes: Julia Mancuso… became friends and went on a wild surf adventure in Maui! Jumped off waterfalls, dove in to caves with turtles and sharks and surfed (got pummeled) by waves way too big for me. #girlcrush

Learning that it’s okay to struggle, it’s part of riding waves. Through injury, illness, heartbreak and all the small and large dramas of life we survive and move on to become better people with a greater capacity to love. When we spend time in darkness the light becomes that much brighter and beautiful. 

Signed with Wasserman Media / Circe Wallace for athlete management. #stoked

Asking for what you want. Communication can be so hard, especially when you really want something. I think it’s hardest to ask for the things that you want the most but if you don’t ask the answer is already no. Learning.

Hit the international modeling scene with gigs in New Zealand, Mexico, Canada and Switzerland. #feelingblessed

Signed a new sponsorship deal with the best helmets around: Bern Unlimited.

Finding a neutral place. I’ve worked really hard to find a neutral place where I can recognize the opinions of others without letting them effect me. Good or bad. It’s good to walk my path unwavering.

Committed to being permanently glued to a reusable water bottle. #nomoreplastic I also carry a fork when I’m traveling to avoid using single use plastic utensils.

Skateboarded in some of the most amazing cities in the world: New York City, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and Chicago. 

Booked Nike & modeled for Athleta in beautiful New Zealand. 

Had the privilege of playing Ayla in Sweetgrass Production’s Valhalla which won “Ski Film of the Year.” Ayla’s confidence, independence and deep love for nature stirred these characteristics inside of me. Spending 6 weeks filming with the talented Sweetgrass boys and living the film was an incredible experience that I’ll never forget.

Signed with JE Models in San Francisco.

Worked with American Eagle on my favorite campaign ever: Skinniest Skinny Jean. Ha! April Fools!

Surfed the Arctic Ocean. Burr.

Failure leads to success. I think there have been times where I’ve been so fearful of failure that I didn’t even want to begin. Failing means you’re reaching outside your comfort zone and trying. I’m learning to find beauty in my attempts and failures.

Fell in love with rollerblading. Well, more the combination of 80’s attire and rollerblading together. 

Learned how to sabrage a bottle of champagne with my ski. #party

Feeling more inspired than ever before to be the best person that I can be.

2013 was a goodie. Wishing you all of the success, happiness and love you could ever imagine! Here’s to having fun, working hard and doing what you love! xox Sierra #HappyNewYear (at 2013)

@OutsideMagazine making my day!! Wow, I&#8217;m honored and grateful. Thank you for including me in your January issue. #stoked #outsidemagazine 🙏 @graysonwyatt @meganmichelson

@OutsideMagazine making my day!! Wow, I’m honored and grateful. Thank you for including me in your January issue. #stoked #outsidemagazine 🙏 @graysonwyatt @meganmichelson